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Waterproof Your Box Gutter

Box gutter damage costs thousands to repair. Up to $750 a lineal meter or more.

Deterioration or corrosion is due to foot traffic, denting and damaging of box gutter making it bow and causing ponding in areas which turn into rust and corrosion.

Our Box gutter sealing solution will eliminate air and moisture and prevent further rust from forming. The application encapsulates the entire box gutter giving it a seamless waterproof membrane that is not affected by ponding.

Stop Box Gutter leaks now and avoid costly future damage and corrosion. 

Find all products needed to waterproof your Box Gutter below ↓

  • Less than half the price of a replacement with a 10-year warranty.

  • Never have water penetration again.

  • No workplace shutdown (no opening of the roof)


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  • Step 1:

    Make sure the surface of the box gutter is free of old membranes or silicones and is clean and dry. The best practice is to power wash the surface.

  • Step 2:

    Cover and Sandwich the RTT - GEO Textile with the ultimate waterproofing sealant over seams, vents, joints, rust holes etc. (Cover bigger holes with the RTT - Seam Tape and large rusty areas with a 0.55mm galvanised plate - use RTT - Waterproof Sealant underneath the plate and pop the rivet in position.  Cover the edges of the plate with the Sealant and sandwich the RTT - GEO Textile in between.

    Allow to cure for 24h hours.

  • Pouring the liquid rubber straight out of the bucket into the boxgutter and using a roller to spread the rubber over the entire surface. After that spraying RTT - Quick Dry onto the rubber for a quick cure.

    Step 3:

    Apply the first coat of RTT - Waterproof Sealant (1mm) over the entire box gutter and the sides underneath the roof. Use a Brush, Roller or Spray machine. Apply RTT - Quick Dry for faster curation of the Sealant and if rain is imminent. 

    Allow curing for 24hours.

  • Step 4:

    Apply the second coat of RTT - Waterproof Sealant and broadcast RTT - Grit (0.5mm stones) onto the Waterproof Sealant. The RTT - Grit ensures a mechanical and an adhesive bond between the Waterproof Sealant and the Traffic seal. 

    Allow curing for 24 hours.

  • Step 5:

    Sweep or blow (leaf blower) the loose stones away.

  • Step 6:

    Prepare the Traffic Seal Mixture and pour it into the box gutter and spread it out with a roller or squeegee over the entire box gutter and the sides underneath the roof.

    Traffic Seal Mixture Instructions: Mix 2kg RTT - Traffic Seal Hardener with 1.5 - 2L of Water and stir well with a drill mixer. Pour the mixture into the 15L RTT - Traffic Seal bucket and stir it well with the drill mixer.

    Note: The Traffic Seal Hardener starts to react immediately after mixing it with water. Use up the product within 2 hours.

    Allow curing for 24 hours.

  • Step 7:

    Apply the second coat of the Traffic Seal Mixture over the entire box gutter and underneath the roof. 


How much Product do I need?

You will need a minimum of 2L/m2 of RTT - Waterproof Sealant for concrete surfaces.

You will need a minimum of minumum of 1.5L/m2 RTT - Waterproof Sealant for metal surfaces.

How long does it last?

We've been testing and improving our products since 2008. When properly applied the Waterproof Membrane will extend the life of your Box Gutter by 10+ year.

Why do i need the GEO Textile?

The GEO Textile is sandwiched with the Waterproof Sealant over cracks, holes, seams, vents etc. It is used for reinforcement and stabilisation purposes.

What is the Seam Tape for?

The Seam Tape is used to cover bigger holes and cracks as it is firmer than the GEO Textile. Like the GEO Textile, it is used for reinforcement and stabilisation purposes.

Why do I need the Quick Dry Spray?

The Quick Dry Spray is optional. However, we recommend spraying it on top of a wet Waterproof Sealant layer for a quicker cure and to protect the product from approching rain.

What is the Traffic Seal for?

RTT - Traffic Seal is a premium quality, UV protective, seamless, water-based, cementitious co-polymer 3 component coating. It is designed to be mixed with RTT - Traffic Seal Hardener and oxides to produce a high build coating that is highly flexible and very strong. This mixture provides an abrasive resistant, UV stable, durable finish for both interior and exterior applications.

Why do I need to broadcast the Grit?

This specialised RTT - Grit is designed to be broadcasted into a wet layer of RTT-Waterproof Sealant to produce a seamless, non-slip, high grip and water impermeable coating. Enhances adhesion between RTT-Waterproof Sealant and RTT-Traffic Seal.

DIY is not an option for you?

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