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Explore our collection of caravan roof sealants designed to help DIY enthusiasts in Australia protect their RVs from leaks and water damage. Find the best solutions to waterproof your caravan roof effectively and keep your adventures worry-free. Don’t pay thousands for your RV roof replacement, repair it from $599.9 while cooling the inside where you live.

Find all products needed to waterproof your RV Roof below ↓

  • - Saves thousands of dollars with DIY Caravan Roof Sealant products.

  • - Provides heat reflection and UV protection. 

  • - Easy to do (DIY) caravan roof leak

  • - All leaks, caravan roof seal and we guarantee for 10 years

  • - Cools the inside of your RV down.

DIY Caravan Roof Sealant Products

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  • Step 1:

    Ensure the surface is free of any oils, minerals or loose materials before application.

    Wash and clean the entire surface. Use a power washer.

  • Step 2:

    Cover and Sandwich the RTT - GEO Textile with the RTT - Waterproof Sealant over seams, vents, joints and around skylights, outlets and AC. Apply RTT - Quick Dry on the RTT - Waterproof Sealant to speed up curing and to protect the sealant from approaching rain.

    Allow to cure for 24 hours.

  • Step 3:

    Apply 1-2 coats of the RTT - Waterproof Sealant to the entire RV - Roofs. (Allow to cure 4-6 hours between coats)

    Allow curing for 24 hours.

  • Step 4:

    Apply RTT - Primer/Sealer on top of the RTT - Waterproof Sealant with a 0.2L/m² (5m²/L) rate. 

    One coat @ 100 - 200 micron is sufficient.

    Allow curing for 2 hours before the next step.

  • Step 5:

    Apply 2-3 Coats of RTT - Protective Top Coat on top of the primed sealant coating.

    Allow 4 - 6h to cure in between coats.

  • Trade Tipp:

    - This Top Coat should only be applied in warm weather over 20*C. To avoid bubbling and non-curing, DO NOT apply products when there’s dew, cold wind or rain!

    - If your RV is still under warranty be sure to contact the manufacturer to ensure you do not void the warranty.


How much Product do I need?

RTT - Waterproof Sealant (1L/sqm). (1 x 15L Bucket is sufficient for 15sqm)

RTT - Protective Top Coat (0.6L/sqm). (1 x 15L Bucket is sufficient for 25sqm)

RTT - Primer/Sealer (0.2L/sqm) (1x 4L Bucket is sufficient for 20sqm)

RTT - GEO Textile (roughly 30m for an RV Roof is sufficient)

RTT - QUICK DRY (1 x 200ml Spray Bottle is sufficient)

How long does it last?

We've been testing and improving our products since 2008. When properly applied the Waterproof Membrane will extend the life of your Roof by 10+ year.

Why do i need the GEO Textile?

The GEO Textile is sandwiched with the Waterproof Sealant over cracks, holes, seams, vents etc. It is used for reinforcement and stabilisation purposes.

What is the Seam Tape for?

The Seam Tape is used to cover bigger holes and cracks as it is firmer than the GEO Textile. Like the GEO Textile, it is used for reinforcement and stabilisation purposes.

Why do I need the Quick Dry Spray?

The Quick Dry Spray is optional. However, we recommend spraying it on top of a wet Waterproof Sealant layer for a quicker cure and to protect the product from approching rain.

  • In the world of outdoor adventures, nothing quite matches the freedom and flexibility of a caravan or a RV. Whether you're traversing rugged terrains or camping under the stars, having a reliable shelter is paramount. However, to ensure your caravan or RV remains a sturdy haven, proper maintenance is essential, and one critical aspect of this is sealing the roof and why not use DIY Caravan roof sealant.

  • Fortunately, with the advent of DIY (Do it yourself) solutions like liquid rubber sealants, protecting your caravan or RV has become more accessible than ever. By applying a quality liquid rubber sealant, you can safeguard your caravan or RV against leaks, cracks, and weather damage, thereby prolonging its lifespan and enhancing your camping experience.

  • RTT Sealant Waterproofing Liquid Rubber offers a range of DIY caravan roof sealant products specifically designed for caravans and RVs, providing an effective and long-lasting solution to roof sealing. Their selection includes easy-to-apply coatings that adhere seamlessly to various surfaces, ensuring comprehensive protection against moisture and UV rays.

  • When it comes to sealing your caravan or RV, RTT Sealant provides specialised solutions tailored to the unique requirements of rooftops. Their DIY caravan roof sealants are formulated to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, including exposure to extreme temperatures and environmental elements. With RTT Sealant, you can trust that your caravan or RV will remain watertight and durable, even in the most challenging conditions.

  • Now, let's delve into a step-by-step guide on how to apply DIY caravan roof liquid rubber sealant to your caravan or RV:

    1. Preparation: Start by thoroughly cleaning the roof surface to remove any dirt, debris, or previous sealant residue. This ensures proper adhesion and effectiveness of the sealant.
    2. Priming (if necessary): Depending on the condition of your caravan or RV roof, you may need to apply a primer before the sealant. This step enhances bonding and improves the longevity of the seal.
    3. Application: Using a brush, roller, or spray gun, apply the liquid rubber sealant evenly across the entire roof surface. Ensure complete coverage, paying extra attention to seams, edges, and any potential leak points.
    4. Drying Time: Allow the sealant to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. Typically, this process takes a few hours to complete, but it may vary depending on environmental conditions.
    5. Additional Coats (if needed): For optimal protection, consider applying multiple coats of sealant. Allow each layer to dry completely before applying the next one.
    6. Inspection and Maintenance: Once the sealant has dried, inspect the roof for any missed spots or imperfections. Touch up as necessary to ensure thorough coverage. Additionally, perform regular inspections and maintenance to prolong the life of the sealant and address any issues promptly.
  • By following these steps and using high-quality liquid rubber sealants from RTT Sealant, you can effectively seal the roof of your caravan or RV, providing long-lasting protection and peace of mind during your outdoor adventures. Remember, proper maintenance is key to preserving the integrity of your vehicle and enjoying countless memorable journeys in the great outdoors.

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  • DIY Caravan Leak

    Protect your Caravan or Roof Top Tent (RTT) from leaks with DIY Caravan Leak sealant solutions. RTT Sealant waterproofing Liquid Rubber DIY Caravan leak sealants offers a variety of easy-to-use products tailored for caravan roofs, ensuring robust protection against moisture and UV damage. For RTTs, specialised sealants that are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, keeping your tent watertight and resilient.

  • Steps to fix caravan leak DIY

    To seal leaks effectively, follow these steps:

    1. Clean the roof surface thoroughly.
    2. Apply liquid rubber sealant evenly, focusing on seams and edges.
    3. Allow the sealant to dry completely. (approx 24 hours)
    4. Apply additional coats if necessary.
    5. Regularly inspect and maintain the sealant to ensure long-lasting protection.

  • RTT Sealant Caravan Leak

    RTT Sealant specialises in sealing leaks in caravans and Roof Top Tents (RTTs), providing effective solutions to keep your outdoor shelter watertight and secure. By investing in quality sealants and following proper application techniques, you can extend the lifespan of your caravan or RV and enjoy worry-free outdoor adventures for years to come. Get an RTT Sealant to quote on your caravan leak today.