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Waterproof Your Metal Roof

Is your roof rusty, leaking or worse, both?
Do not replace your roof, seal it with our RTT sealing solution for costs as little as a quarter of the cost of a replacement. 

Find all products needed to waterproof your roof below ↓

  • - Saves tens of thousands of dollars. 

  • - Provides heat reflection and UV protection. 

  • - No costly building inspectors.

  • - No shutting down the business (Products applied while you are trading).

  • - All leaks are sealed and guaranteed for 10 years

  • - Saves power on cooling cost. Cools building down by 20-40°C.

RTT Concrete, Metal or Mate Tile Roof Restoration Roofing Supplies


  • Step 1:

    Clean all surfaces free of dirt, oil, and impurities and allow the surface to dry.Water blast or wire brush any stubborn debris or rust. For concrete surfaces, prime with a quality 2-part epoxy.

  • Step 2:

    Blob all screws/bolts using our RTT - Waterproof Sealant with a gloved finger.  Use our RTT - Quick Dry to spray on the Sealant for a quick cure or the product and also to protect against approaching rain. 

    Allow to cure for 24h.

  • Step 3:

    Cover and Sandwich the RTT - GEO Textile with our RTT - Waterproof Sealant over seams, vents, joints, skylights etc. (Use our RTT - Seam Tape to cover bigger holes)

  • Step 4:

    If the roof is new and painted, use RTT - Primer/Sealer to prime the roof. If the roof is old or rusty, you MUST use the RTT - Rust Inhibitor Primer to stop the rust from bleeding through.

  • Step 5:

    Coat the entire roof (min. 2 Coats) with the eco-friendly, UV protective, heat reflective and power-saving RTT - Protective Top Coat in 2 opposite directions.

    Allow curing for 4-6h before applying the second coat. 

  • Step 6:

    Clean Up:
    The Top Coat and the Primer are cleaned with water. Use our RTT - Sealant Cleaner to remove any spillage, drips or splashes of the RTT - Waterproof Sealant.

  • Trade Tipp:

    This Top Coat should only be applied in warm weather over 20*C. To avoid bubbling and non-curing, DO NOT apply products when there’s dew, cold wind or rain!


How much Product do I need?

You will need a minimum of 2L/m2 of RTT - Waterproof Sealant for concrete surfaces.

You will need a minimum of minumum of 0.6L/m2 RTT - Protective Top Coat for metal surfaces.

How long does it last?

We've been testing and improving our products since 2008. When properly applied the Waterproof Membrane will extend the life of your Roof by 10+ year.

Why do i need the GEO Textile?

The GEO Textile is sandwiched with the Waterproof Sealant over cracks, holes, seams, vents etc. It is used for reinforcement and stabilisation purposes.

What is the Seam Tape for?

The Seam Tape is used to cover bigger holes and cracks as it is firmer than the GEO Textile. Like the GEO Textile, it is used for reinforcement and stabilisation purposes.

Why do I need the Quick Dry Spray?

The Quick Dry Spray is optional. However, we recommend spraying it on top of a wet Waterproof Sealant layer for a quicker cure and to protect the product from approching rain.

DIY is not an option for you?

We work with accredited contractors and take on large commercial projects.

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